Kassi’s Transformation


“Thank you, Kim Williams and 15:13 Health and nutrition for coaching me through these 24 weeks!!! I’ve lost 37lbs and 9.5 inches around my waist! Down to I think a medium because any larger I wear are sagging/baggy on me! Yay! Still have to go shopping and update my wardrobe! I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been! I’ve learned A LOT! And hope to continue to make this a lifestyle change!” – Kassi Ortiz
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New Class Back to the Basics

Join Alexa for our new Back2Basics class to help assess and correct your mobility issues while still breaking a sweat. You will be focusing on core and body weight movements in a slowed down style. Let’s take you Back2Basics so you can perform better in your everyday life! A FREE Trial week will start next week on January 9, 11, and 12th from 7-8pm! Hope to see you there!

WOD with Warriors

15:13 and Team Red, White,and Blue(RWB) will be hosting WOD with Warriors Friday, May 27th starting at 6pm. There will be a raffle where one lucky person will win a round trip ticket from Southwest Airlines to anyplace they fly. Register soon with the link below to receive your tshirt in time for the event. Open to all and workout can be modified for anyone and everyone.

WOD with Warriors

Create a Healthier Lifestyle

January has been an awesome month of change for members of 15:13. Many have committed to making healthier lifestyle changes, including more consistent exercise, healthier eating habits, etc. These healthier changes have brought about increased conditioning, setting new PR’s (Personal Records) on lifts, improved attitude and positive mood changes. Message us if you need help getting started on creating a Healthier version of YOU!