Going to the Gym and Not Getting Results?

Let’s CHANGE that in 2018!

Make this the year that you switch things up and accomplish your New Year’s resolutions. Come visit and take an introductory class for FREE at 15:13!

We work with ALL fitness levels, ALL ages, from beginners to advanced. You’ll enjoy a workout session that is completely customized to your level of fitness. Find out how you can get your first class for free!

Mary’s Transformation!

“What a difference a year makes. I started the Macro program in January. In three months I learned a new and healthy way of eating. I never said it was a diet, it was a lifestyle change. Do I cheat … yes… but I learned how to control the cheat issues. Sometimes you need comfort food, I make it, have a bit, and send the rest to someone’s house 😊. Don’t ever give up, keep your goal in sight.

Pictures don’t lie, the program works!”

Congratulations, Mary! You’re an inspiration! 

Get Ready for Saturday, Members!

Saturday is a big day for 15:13 members and coaches!

Starting at 10 AM: In-house Powerlifting meet – Squat, Bench and Deadlift -if you plan on lifting please sign up on the sheet on the board as you will not be able to join that day. You can do all 3 lifts or 1 or 2. You get 3 attempts to find your max on each lift.

Starting at 6 PM: Our annual Xmas party! Bring a dish to share. There will be plenty of fun hanging out with great friends!

TOPUCU Is Coming!

We are going to start offering TOPUCU as a program enhancement for our gym and nutrition members! ⬇️⬇️⬇️
You can get involved in the program! you’ll receive a book and wristband, and joining us onsite and for webinars for teaching and accountability classes! Want to learn more? Send us a message! 💬

We Need Your Help!

We’re asking for YOUR HELP!

We need donations, gift cards, and clothing to help a single mother and her 3 boys. They lost all of their belongings in a fire just a week ago. Can you help?

The boys wear the following sizes: Men’s 2XL, Boys 10-12 and 8-10. Shoes sizes are Mens 14 and boys 4 1/2 and 2 1/2.

Donations can be dropped off to 15:13 Fitness and Strength, or you can text Kim Williams and she will pick them up! Kim can be reached at 440-371-6455 or 44kwilliams@gmail.com.

Kassi’s Transformation


“Thank you, Kim Williams and 15:13 Health and nutrition for coaching me through these 24 weeks!!! I’ve lost 37lbs and 9.5 inches around my waist! Down to I think a medium because any larger I wear are sagging/baggy on me! Yay! Still have to go shopping and update my wardrobe! I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been! I’ve learned A LOT! And hope to continue to make this a lifestyle change!” – Kassi Ortiz
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