Mary’s Transformation!

“What a difference a year makes. I started the Macro program in January. In three months I learned a new and healthy way of eating. I never said it was a diet, it was a lifestyle change. Do I cheat … yes… but I learned how to control the cheat issues. Sometimes you need comfort food, I make it, have a bit, and send the rest to someone’s house 😊. Don’t ever give up, keep your goal in sight.

Pictures don’t lie, the program works!”

Congratulations, Mary! You’re an inspiration! 

Get Ready for Saturday, Members!

Saturday is a big day for 15:13 members and coaches!

Starting at 10 AM: In-house Powerlifting meet – Squat, Bench and Deadlift -if you plan on lifting please sign up on the sheet on the board as you will not be able to join that day. You can do all 3 lifts or 1 or 2. You get 3 attempts to find your max on each lift.

Starting at 6 PM: Our annual Xmas party! Bring a dish to share. There will be plenty of fun hanging out with great friends!

TOPUCU Is Coming!

We are going to start offering TOPUCU as a program enhancement for our gym and nutrition members! ⬇️⬇️⬇️
You can get involved in the program! you’ll receive a book and wristband, and joining us onsite and for webinars for teaching and accountability classes! Want to learn more? Send us a message! 💬